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Patient engagement is the backbone of a healthcare practice. Everything from appointment scheduling to treatment and bill payment depends on how you engage with your patients. The digital patient engagement platforms act as a robust bridge connecting patients and healthcare providers. These patient engagement solutions provide unique benefits to give a better user experience to the patients.

AnodynePay is the healthcare patient engagement solution that offers various patient engagement solutions to practices. We have been providing RCM services hospitals and healthcare with these digital patient engagement platforms for the past 15 years. After intense study of the healthcare sector and analyzing the behavior of patients, we have developed the best patient engagement software in the industry. We leveraged innovative technology to create features aligned with the providers' requirements for digital patient engagement.

Digital Patient Engagement Platform

Patient Portal

There has been a massive shift in patient behavior with the growth in technology. Patients now choose to do all the activities related to their healthcare treatment on their smartphone devices. Even aged patients prefer to book appointments, receive their statements, and pay bills online using their smartphones, showing great scope for patient engagement solutions

AnodynePay has designed a digital patient engagement platform that has various features that completely meet the needs of the patients.


Patient satisfaction in the healthcare industry is a vital factor. Healthcare providers invest big money in enhancing the user experience of the patients through digital patient engagement. Some practices often fail to do so if they are stuck in traditional approaches. The paper-based patient statement is an outdated process that causes a downfall in patient engagement.

The paper statement involves enormous time, labor, printing, and postage costs. To combat this loss, AnodynePay has developed a patient engagement solution that helps to generate simple electronic statements and send them via text message or email. Electronic statements save healthcare providers considerable costs and time and significantly enhance patient satisfaction through the patient engagement system.

Patient Engagement Software To Generate Simple Electronic Statements
Text Reminders and IVR Call To Use Patient Engagement System

Text-Reminder and IVR Call

Patients often forget to be present on an important appointment date or pay their bills. Healthcare providers bear a considerable loss because of this. To prevent this loss, practices need to use a patient engagement system to keep in touch with their patients so that they show up for appointments and make their payments on time.

AnodynePay's healthcare digital patient engagement solution is a complete package that will help to enhance the patient experience. We provide text reminders and IVR call facilities to engage with the patients. Patients get regular texts and calls regarding their payments or appointments with this patient engagement software. This will save providers time and help them to collect patient payments faster.

Patient 360 Analytics

Healthcare practices need to know their patients better and understand their behavior to provide the best possible care. Understanding patient behavior will help practices know the patients' willingness to pay the bills post-treatment. The patient engagement system plays a vital role in understanding the patient.

AnodynePay has developed the best patient engagement software for providers that keeps track of patients' treatment records, statements, and payments. One glance at the dashboard and the practice can get all the essential information about a particular patient and decide the next course of action for their digital patient engagement.

Digital Patient Engagement System Plays a Vital Role

Why Pick AnodynePay's Patient Engagement Solution?

The relationship between the patients and the practice is crucial for the healthcare business. Providers' cash flow depends on patient satisfaction and their experience before, during, and after treatment. AnodynePay understands this and has developed the best patient engagement software to nurture this bond.

Our digital patient engagement platform allows providers to constantly stay in touch with the patients, study their behavior, and send them statements & payment links digitally. It also permits the patients to make payments online with credit card or e-check.  It also enables patients to have a card-on-file, set autopayments or set-up a payment plan. Our digital patient engagement platform does not need additional IT infrastructure costs and can be embedded in your current system.

Connect with AnodynePay if you are looking for the best patient engagement software to stay in touch with patients and increase your practice growth.

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