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Patient balance collection is a complex task. Patients find varied excuses to deny or delay payments. Providers need to have a robust process and know how to use modern technologies to collect payments from patients on time.

AnodynePay offers the best solutions for faster patient payment collection. We have developed touchpoints that help healthcare providers to understand, engage, and provide better services to their patients. We offer features that are essential for patient billing and collections. Our solutions can easily be integrated with your present EHR/Billing system without building additional IT infrastructure.

Anodynepay’s Effective Techniques for Faster Patient Balance Collections

Patient Billing and Collections

Patient Billing and Collections

Patient billing and collections need to be adequately planned even before the patients begin their treatment. Every experience of patients, from booking their appointment to leaving the healthcare facility after the treatment, determines whether you will receive your payments. Here is how AnodynePay will aid you in getting patient collection faster without any complications.

Patient Collections

Know Patient Balance

We can digitally or manually extract from PMS/EHRs the patient collections due if their insurance policy does not cover a particular treatment.

Patient Reminder System

Patient Reminders

Keep in touch with your patients and regularly remind them about the appointment date so that they are present on time, and you can provide treatment to all your patients as per the schedule.

Simple Statement To Patient Balance Collections

Simple Statements

Send simple statements to the patients online via text or email to give a tremendous boost to patient balance collections.

Patient Billing and Collections Faster

Convenient Payment

Let patients enjoy the freedom of online payment, with facilities like e-check payments, auto-schedule, create recurring payment plans etc., and get patient billing and collections faster.

Improved User Experience for Faster Patient Billing and Collections

Giving a good customer experience will assist patients in growing long-term relationships with the providers.

Send regular updates to the patients regarding their payments, keep in touch with them post-treatment, and easily follow-up to encourage them to settle the dues on time.

Managing proper patient billing and collections is very important for the providers. It helps them keep the cash flow to their business and provides better services to the patients.

Worried about how to get faster patient balance collections? Contact AnodynePay for a complete patient payment solution.