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Collecting payments from the patients becomes challenging due to many reasons. Accounts receivable keep rising if you do not take proper measures while collecting payments. Healthcare patient payment solution eradicates the risk of bad debts. It adds an extra layer of security to the transaction made through these payment portals. The patient payment solutions also help you grow your revenue and cut unnecessary losses.

AnodynePay understands the significance of healthcare patient payments. We work for practices to enhance their patients' experience. Our healthcare patient payment solutions are simple to put in place and give abundant features and benefits.

You can provide a better user experience to the patients and collect the payments faster with these features offered by AnodynePay

Patient Billing and Collections

Ease of Payment

Simplicity is the key to higher conversion. Patients stop their payment if they find a complicated payment method. With a simple billing procedure and features like a one-click payment solution, many modes of online payment, etc., AnodynePay increases your chance of higher healthcare patient payments.

Patient Collections


The healthcare industry involves enormous money. When there is huge money involved, fraud and security breaches increase. Patients do not pay if there is a security concern in the payment method. AnodynePay has developed healthcare patient payment solutions that offer the highest security for patient collection.

Patient Reminder System


Patients do not want to spend all the money in a single go. If you demand a full payment settlement, patients will deny it. AnodynePay allows patients to pay their dues using credit/ debit cards or online banking. Patients can schedule their payments or pay in installments every month. They can save their card details and enjoy our online recurring payment feature.

AnodynePay features that trigger faster healthcare patient payments

Patients are now chronic to high-end user experience. Many factors depend on when it comes to collecting patient payments. Patients deny payment if providers make a slight mistake in the medical statement or RCM process. The complete efforts you made for patient collection become insignificant. But AnodynePay does not let you lose your money by offering the following features:

  • We remind patients about their appointments and help them schedule one online

  • You can send statements via text or email along with the payment link

  • You have complete information about the patient and can predict their payments

  • You can send payment estimates after the eligibility verification

  • Patients have a personal portal where they can see statements and settle their bills

Healthcare patient payment solutions must be tailored and need flexible features. AnodynePay helps you with patient payment solutions, adding value to your business.We assure greatest patient payments and support you in collecting payments from patients and insurance payers. Our solutions do not burden your pocket and can fit into your present patient management system.

Are you looking for healthcare patient payment solutions that can trigger your business growth and provide you with the best possible features to engage and collect payment from the patients?