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Text Reminder and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) calls
through AnodynePay

Patients often forget a significant payment or appointment date, and practices face delays because of this. To minimize uncertainty and losses, providers need to remind patients about the payments and appointment dates regularly.  

Healthcare providers already experience tremendous pressure to do more with less staff during several medical emergencies. Developing in-house patient reminder systems is an arduous task and often impossible. However, by leveraging the right patient payment solution, healthcare providers can keep it in check.

AnodynePay, a product from Plutus Health helps you streamline your payment systems with very little human intervention.

We offer automated appointment reminders and a patient calling system to assist practices in their medical billing. Text reminders and IVR calls via AnodynePay improve operational efficiency by automating patient payment reminders. Embrace the technology to automate payment reminders using AnodynePay and increase efficiency via customizable messages, timing, and frequency.

Why Healthcare Organizations Need Automated
Payment Reminders?

Not all patients prefer the same channel of communication with healthcare provider. Some patients prefer emails and phone calls, whereas some prefer text messages. Communicating with the patients in the way they desire is very important to increase the chances of timely payment.

AnodynePay uses Patient 360° Analytics to understand individual patient preferences and provide insights into their preferred channel of communication.

Reminders Through Multiple Channels

AnodynePay facilitates emails, text messages, and interactive voice responses to send payment reminders to patients. IVR, text, and email reminders help you reach out to the patients on their
preferred channel. You can schedule reminders 24x7 without hindering the patient’s work schedule, allowing them to pay at their convenience.

automated appointment reminders
Patient Calling

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Some days your patients are occupied down to the minute— busy enough to miss a few phone calls
even if you were to call them for payment collection. But modern-day technology allows you to opt for more convenient ways of communicating. Automated calls and texts are excellent ways to notify patients about their payment due dates without disturbing their schedules. IVR and text reminders from AnodynePay foster improved patient satisfaction, whereas the one-click payment powered by AnodynePay Pay renders improved payment collections.

Cost Reduction

Save on the unnecessary cost for multiple resources required to set up payment reminders. Automated IVR calls and texts are user-friendly and monitor patient behavior. It also allows you to leave reminders that suit patient schedules. You can even improve the quality and frequency of payment reminders without hiring additional resources.

patient reminder systems
AnodynePay - Patient Reminder Systems

Increased Payment Collection (Better ROI)

Several healthcare organizations experience cash flow gaps when patients miss on their medical payments. Thanks to AnodynePay, you can now get a better return on investment by leveraging IVR
and text reminders to maintain your revenue cycle. Well-executed reminders can significantly
increase timely payments providing you better ROI.

Picking AnodynePay as Your Payment Reminder Tool

We understand that healthcare providers are often occupied with multiple things at once. They are busy giving the best health treatment to their patients and get fewer chances to communicate with them or regularly remind them about a necessary appointment or payment. 

AnodynePay helps streamline efforts surrounding the patient reimbursement process, and it helps the end customers or patients to pay their bills at ease. Our patient reminder systems allow providers to send automated appointment reminders and use IVR service for patient calls. Our advanced services are beneficial to patients as they don’t get disturbed due to constant reminders and never miss an update.

Embed modern technologies in your system and give your staff extra time to provide better healthcare treatment to the patients.

AnodynePay’s Patient Reminder System