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Patient 360 Analytics

Patients today expect efficiency and consumer-like experience from their healthcare providers,
from registration to all provider to patient interactions. Patients expect you to be aware of all their previous payments and what they owe you. AnodynePay is an industry-leading patient payment
with Patient 360 Analytics enabling healthcare providers to keep track of patient interactions, payment history, and balances. Our integrated system receives instant online payments to boost collections and automatically updates the Patient 360 Analytics. Now trusted by many medical
entities, AnodynePay’s analytics-driven platform helps our customer make informed decisions.

Complete Patient Payment History

Complete Patient Payment History and Balances

Maintaining the highest level of patient care becomes challenging when patients miss out on their medical payments. Patient 360 Analytics primarily works to keep you updated regarding payments
and helps you identify and proactively attempt to prevent any cash flow gaps that may hinder the care provided to patients. Whether there are multiple pending payments or one, Patient 360 Analytics will
keep you updated with all previous payments and balances, so you can schedule IVR or Text reminders
to your patients. AnodynePay Pay is an all-in-one solution that allows companies to set reminders for pending payments for prompt response rather than mailing them another letter through the snail mail.

Total Collection and Revenue

With the convenience of multiple payment options from their comfort zone, AnodynePay eases half
of the problem for patients. But even after payments, it’s imperative to keep individual records of total collections and revenue. Learn how much is your actual patient responsibility weekly revenue after all patient payments. Align it with company growth, and you can take appropriate actions to increase payment collections.

Total Collection And Revenue
Patient Interactions

Patient Interactions

Give your patients a consumer-like experience through the client friendly features of Patient 360 Analytics. Let AnodynePay keep track of all your patient interactions with our online “Chat” feature, chat where your patients and staff can interact with each other “on and offline”.  All chats are saved and can easily be reviewed and/or addressed when it’s convenient for either party.  This helps resolve issues without the patient having to spend time calling our clients busy offices. Patients may feel annoyed if they must verify their details every time, hence, they contact you. That’s not the case with AnodynePay, as everything is recorded and kept on hand for improved decision-making and better customer service.