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Patient financial solutions and billing are complex as it contains a lot of physical documentation. Patients often struggle with their billing process as it includes many manual processes. Practices experience payment delays due to long turnaround times, which hampers their services in the long run.
Healthcare providers need to have additional employees to handle the medical billing process as it is time-consuming. They need to have a solid understanding of medical billing methodology to reduce the time and ease their billing process. Health financial services play a crucial role in medical billing. It aids patients in communicating with their providers to minimize the time taken in the billing process. It offers convenience to patients and providers to build a lasting relationship between them.

What Is All Offered As A Part Of These Services?

Patient financial services (PFS) provide 360-degree assistance to patients in their medical statements and systematizes the billing process for faster conversion.

Digital Statements

Practices can generate multiple digital statements simultaneously for the patients and reduce the time and cost due to reduced billing paperwork.

Convenient Communication

Practices can communicate with the patients through chat and get quick responses to their queries.

Convenience Portal

Patients get access to a portal to track their payments, medical statements and chat with the practices to clear their doubts or raise requests.

Robust Arbitrator

Create a strong communication bridge between insurance companies, practices, and the patients to clear all billing-related doubts.

Automated Follow-up

Send automated follow-up emails, texts, and IVR calls reminding the patients about their payment balance.

How AnodynePay As a Product Fit Into The Equation?

Apart from the best medical treatment, patients now expect overall healthcare financial assistance in billing from the healthcare providers. This makes it mandatory for healthcare providers to have expertise in patient financial services (PFS). PFS organizes the billing system and delivers a great user experience after treatment.

Providing complete patient financial assistance to the patients requires an advanced technology solution that can ease the billing process and work for faster conversion and minimize delays in payment. Building and maintaining a patient financial solution requires effort. It is often challenging for healthcare providers to maintain this service. It becomes frustrating for them to manually deal with finance and treatment simultaneously, Resulting in reduced patient satisfaction and loss of revenue.

AnodynePay is a master solution for providing patient financial assistance. We have experts with profound medical billing knowledge to aid patients in their billing. Our robust technology generates easy-to-understand statements, sends payment reminders (Text, Email, IVR) through unique campaigns, and helps patients know every minute detail they require through our patient journey portal. Patients can even clear their outstanding dues online using the payment links provided along with the statement, pay through IVR calls, or from our patient self-service portal.

Our team is proficient in digital statement generation and billing with round-the-clock support. Not just this, we bridge gaps between the patients, providers, and insurance companies for transparent and faster communication.