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Patient Billing And Medical Bill Statement

Patient billing and medical bill statements are the most critical parts of RCM. The ease and speediness of patient collections depend on how well bills and statements reach the patients. Issues in these can result in payment delays. So, all healthcare providers should provide convenient and easy-to-understand bills and statements.

Manually created medical bills are time-consuming and expensive. Due to various reasons patients often delay payments when medical bills and statements are sent manually to them, causing delays in the process. Providing digital Patient Billing and Medical Bill statements seems a simple task. Still, it has a lot of problems and requires expert solutions for the smooth functioning of the process. Here is why you need a professional solution to handle your patient billing and medical bill statement.

  • Boost Collections

    Over the email patient billing and medical bill, statements boost patient collection as they provide a detailed insight to the patient with easy to pay payment links. The convenience of paying online increases patient convenience resulting in faster patient collection.

  • Enhanced Experience

    Patients are now comfortable going online and prefer these modes of communication. Send bills and statements digitally over via a text message or email to get quicker payments.

  • Lower Cost

    Providing medical statements digitally with payment links reduces the paper and workforce cost to generate manual bills. It also reduces the cost of sending reminders to patients.

  • Quick Delivery

    Advanced patient billing and medical bill statement solutions provide critical service to both the provider and the patient. Patients love the ease of making payments, and hence they quickly clear their dues without causing any delay.

Why AnodynePay?

AnodynePay is an all-in-one patient billing solution; It helps practices generate digital statements, send them to the patients, and collect payments. AnodynePay reduces the time and effort that goes into generating medical statements and shipping them manually. AnodynePay reduces the time from months to just a couple of days. Here are a few more reasons you should choose AnodynePay as your patient billing solution.


Generate digital statements using modern cutting-edge technologies for faster payment processing.


Send payment reminders via email or text with a payment link and IVR calls where your patient can pay over the call.

Patient Portal

Reach out to the patients over chat and get a faster response.

Patient 360 Analytics

Get detailed analytics reports of the patient so that you can plan your finances accordingly.

Embed the power of digital patient billing and medical bill to your system and increase your speed and efficiency of patient collections.