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In today's dynamic landscape, where patient expectations constantly evolve, the healthcare industry faces a persistent challenge: the complexity of billing and payments. The traditional paper-based system, with its mailed statements and lengthy processing times, creates friction for patients and providers. But there's a better way.

AnodynePay's patient payment software empowers both parties to complete transactions seamlessly online, eliminating unnecessary hassle. Patients can easily access bills and make secure payments, while providers benefit from streamlined processes, reduced administrative burdens, and faster collections on instant payments.


Don't have the time to log into account to make payments? Skip it with QuickPay, complete your payment immediately with a link, or scan the code and pay within a minute.


Forget to pay your bills again? With AnodynePay Autopay option, you can schedule your monthly dues and automate your payments without manual intervention.

Recurring Pay

Patients will have complete freedom to define their monthly intervals and payments with Card On File (CoF) for small, post-adjudication balances.

Digital Patient Payments Complete with AnodynePay

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More than 1,549,895 payments processed in 2023 using AnodynePay platform

Create Personalized Patient Pay Services That Bring Convenience To All

Card on File

QR Scanner

One-click Payments

Payments Simplified With AnodynePay for your Practice

Patient Payments are just a tiny part of the payment services at AnodynePay. Our 360-degree patient payment solution empowers practices to collect the complete payment while increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Text-to-Pay reminders

With AnodynePay personalized text-to-pay reminders, patients can get their reminders directly on their devices and elect to pay their dues with just a single click on the link sent.

Flexible payment plans

AnodynePay offers multiple options for online payments, such as COF (Card on File) for immediate payments, setting autopay, recurring payments, or choosing easy payment plans according to their requirements.

Eliminate paper costs

Since the entire payment process is online with digital options, staff can save time for valuable care instead of mailing paper bills and keeping physical records.

Real-time payment insights

Providers enjoy instant access to their patient portal, where an automated report with all payment logs awaits. Plus, the portal offers convenient access to e-statements for secure record-keeping.

Seamless Integration

AnodynePay simplifies your transition to patient billing with fast, custom integrations that fit your existing practice software timeline. And say goodbye to data loss and human error with our robust security features.

Leverage Automation

AnodynePay initiates patient statements immediately upon outstanding balances. These Automated E-statements include patient payment links for direct payments, which makes the patient payment process seamless and successful.

How to Process Your Payments with AnodynePay

Patients pay when they understand their bill and are given the payment option that best suits them. AnodynePay provides alternate methods for collecting healthcare payments that are both convenient and secure. Our payment solution allows patients to log in to select their preferred method, resulting in a better patient payment experience. Our multiple patient payment software options include:

  • Card on File saves your current card information and completes payment with a click.

  • QR scan payments to scan any QR code and complete your payment without logging in.

  • Email/ text reminders for one-click payments with a link

What Our Customers Say

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Find out what our customers are saying about AnodynePay Patient Pay Services

Before AnodynePay, paper statements, manual processing, and late payments were causing headaches for both us and our patients. Integrating AnodynePay was seamless, and our patients love the convenient patient portal payment to pay hospital bills online and manage their accounts. Automated reports give me instant insights into our finances, and e-statements make record-keeping a breeze.

Billing Manager

Patient payments always took a lot of time as patients did not know online payment sources, but now, with AnodynePay, we can get payments from QR scanners and online, which is a good boost to our collection.

Financial Director