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Patient Payments Solutions for Healthcare Providers


Practice Journey

User-friendly portal for providers to manage patients and keep track of their payments.


Patient Journey

Personalized patient portal to boost their long-term retention rate.

AnodynePay - Patient Balance Collections

Patient 360

AI-enabled analytics to comprehend and serve your patients better.

AnodynePay - Patient Statement Services

PM Integration

Smoothly blend your practice management system with our portal and get factual and prompt patient billing data.

AnodynePay - patient reminder systems

Reminder Management

Send automated and timely reminders to patients and get on-time payments.

AnodynePay - Automated Appointment Reminders

Patient Self-Service

Convenience outlet for patients to speed up the payments.

We’ll Boost Your Practice’s Patient Collection Performance In 3 Steps

Step 1

We’ll Synthesize ALL of your practice’s patient AR balance data.

We focus on improving the patient experience through new technologies and better services.

Step 2

We’ll Automate Your Patient Balance Communication.

Our patient engagement software will help you drive key patient engagement performance indicators with optimized processes and robotic automation.

Boost Patient Collection



Effectively Decrease Patient AR


Average Patient AR reduced by 20 %

Step 3

We’ll Digitize Your Patient Payment Process.

Our Patient Payments Solutions are designed to improve the practice’s experience
through new technologies and better services.

Patient Payment Portal
Patient Portal

Happy Patient = Profitable Practice

AnodynePay makes it easy to manage your billing and payment so you can focus on what
really matters - your patients.

Digitize your patients' financial journey with e-Statements, text-based payment reminders and patient's online Bill Pay Period. The biggest challenge faced by Healthcare CFOs in Patient Systems and Patient Payments is generating and mailing the paper statements. It is a highly manual and cost-intensive process.

Our Patient Payments Solutions help to digitize your patients’ financial journey using e-statements, text-based payment reminders, and patients’ online bill Pay Periods. 

Patient engagement software

Patient Electronic Statement

  • Paperless Statements via Email
  • Reduce Cost, Time & Effort
  • Go Green
  • Include One-click Payment Option
  • Analyze Patient Response
Patient Payment Solutions
PP Box Icon

Patient Payment Reminders

  • Text Reminder
  • Email Reminder
  • IVR Call Reminder
  • Configurable Reminder
  • Decrease Payment Delay
Patient Payment Portal
PP Box Icon

Patient Payment Portal

  • Self Service Registration
  • One-click Pay
  • Credit Card on File
  • Autopay
  • Recurring Payments
  • Patient Chat with Practice
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Simplify White Icon


Effortlessly send patient statements at a reduced cost and time. Also, significantly reduce the FTE’s needed to handle patient balances.

Automate Grey Icon
Automate white icon


Digital Patient Payment Portal to scale payment acceptance from 8/5 to 24/7. Patients could pay anytime at their convenience from their computer or phone.

Patient satisfication icon
Patient satisfication white icon

Patient Satisfaction

A new age Patient Engagement Software to improve communication and transparency that renders better customer service and patient relationships.

Patient Collection Grey Icon
Patient collections

Increased Collections

Improve your ROI, enhance patient experience and remove all the patient statement backlogs.

AnodynePay By The Numbers

Patient Statements
Patient Statement White Icon


E-Statements sent
Text reminders and IVR calls


IVR Reminders
Patient Encounter Blue Icon


Text Reminders
Patient Collection Icon
Patient Collection White Icon


Email Reminders
Patient Portal

Our Partners

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Manual Paper Statement And Paper Check Process

Entire process takes minimum of 30-40 business days

Facebook Process Icon
3-5 days to print all statements
Process Icon
3-5 days to
collect and mail all statements
Process Icon
7-25 days to get the paper check from Patient
Process Icon
3-5 days to visit
the Bank to deposit

Automation Powered E-statement Timelines

Entire process takes less than A day

1 hour to upload and generate 1000’s of e-Statements
timelines icon
Patients are registered within 10 minutes and can view their E-statements in mail
Timelines icon
Quick online patient payments!
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Same day - Deposit!

Success Stories

A Top ABA Therapy Provider, State, US (5000+ Patients)

Our client was able to reduce the time spent on patient statements by 92%. They were also able to increase patient collection and increase overall patient satisfaction.

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Cost Reduction

  • Reduction in cost and time to send Patient Statements
  • Significant reduction in FTE’s
    needed to handle patient balances

Improved Convenience

  • Digitized and scaled up patient payment acceptance processing from a 8/5 to a 24/7 process.
  • Patients could pay anytime at their convenience from their computer or phone.

Increased Collections

  • ROI within a few months
  • No backlogs of patient statements since all e-statements were processed in few hours

Improved Communication

  • Improved Communication,
    transparency and rendering better customer service and patient relationship

Our Clients

AnodynePay - Neurology Practice, Phoenix AZ

ABA Practice Austin, TX

AnodynePay - Neurology Practice, Phoenix AZ

Cardiology Practice Dallas, TX

AnodynePay - Neurology Practice, Phoenix AZ

Neurology Practice Phoenix, AZ