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Streamline Patient Billing Process & Reduce Overhead Costs

AnodynePay's epayment platform offers - Patient E-statements, an intuitive solution for healthcare providers seeking to join this green wave. By automating thousands of personalized e-statements with mere clicks, you'll eliminate the hefty costs of paper, printing, and mailing and free up valuable staff resources for tasks that directly benefit your patients.

Personalized and Actionable Insights

AnodynePay provides various reports under Patient E-statement analytics, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), track progress, and provide insights about your practice's financial performance.

Seamless Payment Integration

AnodynePay E-statements provide flexibility over multiple payment options, including secure online payment options, digital wallets, cards on file, scanning for QuickPay, and even Autopay for overdue bills and to collect deductibles without complex integration.

Enhanced Data & privacy

Strong security measures are required with tougher restrictions and rising concerns about data breaches. With AnodynePay E-statements, many HIPAA compliance measures protect both the providers and patient data.

AnodynePay Automated E-statements Timelines

Without adapting to the latest technology, the manual paper check process takes at least 30-40 days to process a payment and land in your bank account. But with the AnodynePay e-payment platform, you have the liberty to collect your payment with a click and maintain stable collections with increased patient satisfaction.

Takes an hour to upload 1000+ E-Statements
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Automated E-statements with due reminders is immediately sent to all patients
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Patients can click on the payment button and complete their payment
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Practice gets to see the payment on the same day

Transform Your Practice with AnodynePay E-Statements

Save operational costs and our staff's time through our patient-friendly e-statements. Not only will it facilitate prompt patient payouts, but it'll also retain more patients, considering the optimal patient experience.

Clear, Concise, & Fast

Simplify medical billing and delight patients with AnodynePay's one-click e-statements. Sent out in seconds, they offer patients crystal-clear billing information, accessible anytime, anywhere on their preferred device. Choose email, text, or another format - the convenience is theirs.

Latest tech improvements

AnodynePay modernizes patient statements with secure, mobile-friendly epayment solutions. This means no more cluttered mailboxes - patients access detailed hospital billing info directly on their smartphones, making payments a breeze. AnodynePay sends patients text reminders on high alert in case of upcoming visits and outstanding balances.

Increased ROI

Boost your bottom line by up to 30% with faster payments and reduced costs. AnodynePay E-statements deliver clear, convenient bills directly to patients, leading to 20% faster payments on average. You'll also eliminate printing, mailing, and processing costs, boosting your ROI.

Time & Cost Saving

AnodynePay's patient statement saves 60% of your time on traditional statements. Imagine your team freed from printing, stuffing, and chasing lost bills, instead focusing on personalized interactions and building stronger patient relationships.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Everyone enjoys quick and convenient services, especially regarding Healthcare services. With AnodynePay E-Statements, patients no longer have to wait in queues or figure out the bills on their own. With E-statements, they can pay whenever, wherever, and with ease, which provides them with satisfaction.

Convenient Payment Options

With AnodynePay E-statements, there are no restrictions regarding payment methods. Patients have a wide range of card and QR code payment options, and they can even activate Autopay in case they forget their dues. With AnodynePay text reminders, these patient statement payments become easier with just a tap.

How it Works

Switch to AnodynePay, and you will be able to create excellent patient experience, resulting in faster balance collections and long-term retention.

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Why Choose AnodynePay

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Find out what our customers are saying about AnodynePay Practice Portal

AnodynePay's E-statements have been a quick time-saver and helped us deal with heavy footfall with ease. Before the integration of AnodynePay, much of our staff's time was lost answering queries and manually filling out forms. Now, we maintain a stable balance, and technology helps us bring in more patients with good results.

Billing Manager

Family Practice

Since switching to AnodynePay E-statements, our hospital billing process has become much smoother! We've saved much time and money on printing and mailing, and our staff no longer gets bogged down with lost bill inquiries. Patients love having instant access to their bills online, and it's helped improve communication and payment collection.

Billing Manager

Mid-sized Home Health Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Patient E-Statements?
Patient E-statements are electronic statements containing a patient's complete billing information and specific treatment details. The patient e-statements are sent to a patient's mail or number, and they are alerted of their dues and can even complete their payment online.
What are the benefits of E-statements?
With Patient E-statements, making quick and convenient payments is easy without the hassle of queues and lost bills. E-payment solutions help the staff focus their time on value-based personalized care.
What are the payment options available for AnodynePay E-statements?
These billing statements for services rendered provide a one-click online payment method and a detailed explanation of all the medical bills, expenses, amount due, amount paid, due date, etc.
How can I access the AnodynePay Patient E-statement?
AnodynePay has two options: Practice Login and Patient Login. The practice providers can log in via provider setup, access their patients' bills, update their outstanding dues, etc. Conversely, patients receive their bill statements directly in their mail.
How do I receive my E-statement?
AnodynePay helps practitioners receive their payments on time with the help of text reminders/IVR calls. AnodynePay sends these E-statements via mail or even attaches them in a text reminder so the patient's first billing statement can be paid from anywhere, anytime.
Where can I access patient E-statements?
These patients' E-statements can be accessed from anywhere. They can be sent to your mail, texts, etc. All it takes is a one-click payment.