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Patient E-Statements: Streamlining Patient Billing Process &
Reducing Overhead Costs

We are in an era where Patient Statement Services are as important as their treatment. The world is moving towards a paperless economy. Digital imprints are replacing all the traditional paper documents. The swiftness of Patient Balance Collections now depends on the support and services they get from the practices in medical billing post-treatment.  

What if your customers do not want to receive their statements through the mail? What if you can enhance your healthcare services through patient e-statements? An annual report of 2020 Trends in Healthcare Payments states that 75% of patients would like to get an electronic statement rather than traditional paper statements. 

Help patients with easy tracking of their medical bills and get paid faster. Plutus Health introduced AnodynePay e-statements solution for healthcare providers who want quick payments without the tedious tasks, confusion, & complications. AnodynePay is an expertly handcrafted tool for enhancing their Patient Statement Services and getting faster Patient Collections. Along with facilitating e-statements, AnodynePay reduces your postage expenses and aligns with patient preferences while accepting medical payments. Switch to AnodynePay and provide your patients with easy-to-understand e-statements. 

Advantages of Patient E-Statements from AnodynePay

Ditch the effort and cost involved in producing and mailing paper statements. Save operational costs and our staff’s time through our patient-friendly e-statements. Not only will it facilitate prompt patient payouts, but it’ll also retain more patients considering the optimal patient experience. Here is why you should leave the traditional print & mail bills and opt for AnodynePay patient e-statements.

Clear, Concise, & Fast

The title says it all, as our e-statements require only a few clicks before they are sent out and reach patients. Ditch the wasted time, money, and effort spent printing and mailing those long medical bills. Opt-in to provide easy, clear, and concise billing statements with AnodynePay to help patients understand and easily access their medical statements anywhere, anytime they want, and in their preferred communication means. Furthermore, patients get the one-click payment option eliminating the need for mailing their checks. This boosts Patient Balance Collections as they get all the convenience and services they need. 

Patient e-statements
Patient Statement Services


AnodynePay's primary objective is to transform the traditional patient statement delivery and modernize it with improved technology. Patient e-statements will boost the collection rates since patients will have their detailed medical statements right on their smartphones rather than cluttering their mailboxes. You also contribute to the environment by saving tons of paper every year through modern electronic medical statements.

Increase Collections and Cash Flow

Digital statements are known to cut down the biggest problem of the US healthcare industry -
payment delays. With the introduction of e-statements and one-click payment options, you
will aid the multi-faceted patient satisfaction. The Healthcare industry spends a lot of time &
energy on collecting payments rather than focusing on improving their services. By eliminating
the tedious paperwork, providers can provide greater customer satisfaction and help them be more responsible for their care through the digital shift. Transparency and promptness in e-statements
appeal to the patients, and the option to pay online through their preferred channels boosts the
payment collection rate.

Let AnodynePay streamline your collection practices by making patients more financially responsible
for their care. E-statements are the first step to a technology-driven payment solutions helping foster a relationship between the organization and patients that result in more significant and timely payments.

Patient Balance Collections
AnodynePay - Patient Collections

Cost and Time Saving

On an average, any healthcare organization can save over 60% by just switching to paperless billing and statements. You eliminate all the unwanted costs involved in printing and mailing those traditional statements and save ample time to focus on other essential tasks. Since AnodynePay will give patients access to their current & past bills all the time, organizations won’t be wasting time replying to one of those “lost bill” requests.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Everyone enjoys quick and convenient services. With AnodynePay, practices can give complete medical billing and payment support to their patients. The patients get easy-to-understand e-statements which they can access from their smartphones or computers. These statements provide a one-click online payment method along with a detailed explanation of all the medical bills, expenses, amount due, amount paid, due date, etc. The patients understand all the minute details and can clear the due according to their convenience, resulting in high satisfaction and faster Patient Collections.

Why choose AnodynePay?

AnodynePay is designed to bring simplicity and ease to the lives of patients and practices. We personalize all the patient services on behalf of practices to focus entirely on their treatment. Our services are designed in a way that practices and patients have complete transparency so that they can build a long-term relationship without getting disappointed in any case. Switch to AnodynePay, and you will be able to create an excellent experience for patients resulting in faster balance collections and long-term retention.

Get AnodynePay to Provide Customers With Detailed E-Statements & Streamline the Billing Process