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Digital payments have become a go-to thing for patients. If patients get a favorable mode of payment, they pay bills faster. Patients now do not consider online payments as an option but as a mandatory payment method.

AnodynePay provides patient payment services to healthcare practices. We offer a simple and secured online patient payment solution that is a perfect fit to meet patient demands. Our solutions will boost revenue and reduce the effort required to collect offline payments.

Enjoy continuous patient collections and inclined growth in your revenue with online patient payment services

Keeping in mind all the healthcare billing requirements, our patient billing experts have handcrafted the best patient payment platform. We give your patients flexibility, convenience, and easy payment options, so they do not delay payments. With AnodynePay, patients get the freedom of payment, and you can enjoy faster payments.

Patient Billing and Collections

Simplified Payment

Complex and time-consuming offline payment burdens you and your patients. It also results in accounting errors. Patients tend to pay on time if they don't need to visit hospitals to make payments. Online patient payment eliminates this need for offline payment collection, accounting, and complex bookkeeping.

Patient Collections

Recurring Payment

Patients often miss payment dates because of their busy schedules. To eliminate this, AnodynePay provides a recurring online patient payment option to the patients. Using our portal, patients can schedule a payment every month on a particular date. This way, you don't need to worry about the patient payment due date.

Patient Reminder System


Entering debit/credit card details while making a payment reduces the chance of on-time payment. With AnodynePay, patients can save their credit/debit card details. They do not have to enter the same information every time they try to make a payment. This saves patients time and increases the chance of making payments.

Patient Billing and Collections Faster

Digital Payments

Patients are habitual of making online payments. If they get the chance to pay their medical bills online, they are likely to pay on or before the payment due date.

AnodynePay offers patient payment services that allow you to send patient statements via text message and email along with the payment links. This encourages the patients to pay bills on time. Digital payment also improves the percentage of patients who clear their dues on time.

AnodynePay is not a patient payment platform. It is a complete patient solution offering comprehensive patient billing and collection services. Along with the advanced features, we provide the following benefits:

  • Increase in patient satisfaction and engagement

  • Minimization of bad debts

  • Maximization of revenue

  • Increase in speed of the revenue cycle

  • Reduction in operational and collection costs

  • Streamline the patient billing process

  • Build patient-provider trust

Provide convenient options to the patients by leveraging our patient payment services and have an inclined growth in your revenue with AnodyePay's online patient payment portal.