3 Amazing Ways A Patient Payment Portal Can Boost ROI And Revenue Growth

May 5, 2022

Bad debt has become a common issue in healthcare practices. Many patients have to shoulder a large portion of their medical expenses. Thus, Healthcare organizations spend more time trying to contact patients in hopes of collecting outstanding balances instead of focusing on delivering patient care. This negatively affects their revenue and care quality. If you are currently facing these problems, it’s time to implement a patient portal so you can get paid promptly and correctly.

3 ways a patient portal can help

Medical facilities and hospitals should modify their billing processes to suit the needs of patients who have to shoulder significant out-of-pocket expenses. Better patient pay services with more payment options can help. A self-service patient portal can do wonders in introducing efficiency. 

A self-service patient portal can benefit medical practices in many ways. Integrating it into your practice improves healthcare payments and ROI. Here’s how: 

1. Round-the-clock support and access

Patients can access their accounts and view their bills anytime without calling the clinic. This facilitates prompt patient payments on the spot.

2. Enhanced patient satisfaction

The payment portal comes with convenient patient pay services to help patients settle their bills on time and in full. It empowers and engages patients, too. By logging in, they can manage their account, schedule appointments, and do other things that can make them feel involved in their treatment. Thus, it creates a positive overall experience.

3. More transparency

When patients can access their details online, they can easily update themselves on important information about their treatment and outstanding balances. They don’t have to keep calling staff for information.

patient portal gives patients control of their bills and healthcare information to accelerate payments and minimize calls. Patients can even access their payment history anytime and anywhere without intervention from your staff.

AnodynePay simplifies medical bill management. It provides a simple and advanced patient portal to provide more convenience to patients. Our patient portal also lets patients pay for their services immediately.

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