5 Proven Patient Retention Strategies

September 20, 2022
5 Proven Patient Retention Strategies

Healthcare practices are always looking for ways to improve patient retention rates. A recent survey showed that 43% of medical providers report losing over 10% of annual revenue due to unloyalty of patient

While many factors improve patient retention rates - such as providing quality care and building consumer relationships - some lesser-known strategies can be helpful. Here are five of them:

Implement Automated Patient Engagement Tools 

Automated patient engagement tools connects patients with their care team and send appointment notifications. This system reduces missed appointments while strengthening provider/consumer communication. Consider implementing these tools if you’re looking for a payment process solution that will improve patient engagement. 

Use Appointment Reminders 

Because of medical visits’ significance, patients frequently stress about upcoming appointments. So, many practices adopt automatic reminders to reduce healthcare waiting anxiety. Providers can send notifications through text messages or email.

These reminders will alert the practice once the recipient has opened the notification. Staff can use this information to determine how well text messages work for a patient. Consumers who consistently fail to open their notifications may need a different communication approach. 

Send Patients Personalized Messages

Research suggests that sending personalized memos based on health data can improve consumer healthcare engagement. Patients who received individualized messages also showed higher participation in managing their illness. These factors resulted in boosted self-treatment efficacy compared to typical care recipients. 

Target Patients who Need Guidance Most

With Patient 360 Analytics, practices can track which consumers need financial guidance. Technologically savvy staff input this data into automatic reminders, maximizing each message's effect. 

Since these systems are entirely customizable, providers can set up automatic messages based on consumer-specific needs. So, practices can target patients with late payments, those who are due for a check-up, or those with a high risk of no-showing for their appointment.

Targeted notifications may transform how providers interact with their consumers. By automatically sending reminders where they’re needed most, practices free up time to provide better care. This solution can lead to higher patient satisfaction and improved collection rates.

Provide Online Educational Resources 

Some patient outreach methods succeed more than others, and certain practices work best with certain consumer types. It's important to recognize these factors and tailor your marketing accordingly. 

Also, ensure your website and social media presence are up to date and engaging. Potential patients should feel comfortable choosing your practice based on the information on these accounts. 

Using these strategies, medical providers promote retention, creating a stable consumer base. AnodynePay keeps patients connected and provides them with relevant information that helps your practice establish a foundation of trust. 

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Key Takeaways

1. Patient engagement tools help keep providers connected with their patients. 

2. Automatic text reminders notify patients of upcoming appointments. 

3. Personalized, health data-based messages improve consumer medical outcomes. 

4. Patient data helps send notifications to those who need them most. 

5. Online educational resources teach consumers about your practice. 

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5 Proven Patient Retention Strategies
5 Proven Patient Retention Strategies

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