February 16, 2022

Patient Billing: Why are text reminders a better choice than calls to ask for payment

Gett Johnson

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number while you’re busy? If yes, you know how annoying it can be. Like you, your patients are also busy in their day-to-day activities. Phone call interruptions are more likely to annoy them instead of serving the task of reminding them of their dues.

Text messaging may improve the patient billing experience due to its less intrusive nature. It’s usually easier to communicate to patients directly via a text message, and your recipients have the option to check your message when they have the time. So, if you want to remind your patients about their payments, it may be better to send them a text message instead.

Save time with text payment reminders

When you follow-up for a patient payment reminder, you typically have to follow a spiel that introduces yourself and your practice, then go to lengths to have a conversation. It takes time to do that. With text messaging, you can give all the necessary information quickly and directly. Patients can respond to acknowledge receipt or to ask further questions when necessary. Text Reminders are also used to connect with patients, confirm appointments, ask about a recent experience, send billing information, and others.

Appointment reminders and confirmations

Apart from patient billing, text reminders may also be used to confirm appointments with patients and remind them of any upcoming important physician visit. While you have the option to send those reminders by email, there’s a chance that they won’t be seen promptly. Text messaging is more direct and instant, so patients can open and read them sooner. This way, you can reduce no-shows, and the patient may have enough time to cancel their appointment when necessary.

Payment Reminders

Your medical practice is in the business of helping patients. You must make sure your patients can pay correctly and on time. Text messaging can be helpful in patient payment reminders. Use it to tactfully inform and remind them of their bills and request payment. You can also automate payment reminders to get paid faster by using the right platform, such as AnodynePay.

About AnodynePay

AnodynePay is a comprehensive automated digital solution to address Patient Invoices. It is focused on digitizing the patient financial journey using e-statements with automatic text or IVR call reminders, and autopay services while improving patient bill collections and improving the patient experience.

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