August 1, 2022

How Patient Portals in Healthcare Improve Patient Engagement

Febien Catlin
Learn How Patient Portals In Healthcare Improve Patient Engagement

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the fastest-growing technologies in healthcare RCM. Healthcare providers cited machine learning and artificial intelligence in their patient services and have seen significant growth in patient satisfaction. These cutting-edge technologies have provided convenience and excellent connectivity to providers and patients. The global AI market is predicted to grow 38.1% yearly by 2030.

Modern technologies in the service industry enable providers to engage patients and offer them improved features like online patient portals. The global patient portal market has shown tremendous growth. In 2021 the patient portal market was valued at $ 2900 million, and it is expected to be $ 6500 million by 2027, establishing a CAGR of 14.40%.

Creating a patient portal online engages and satisfies patients to a greater extent. Keep reading this blog to learn how patient portal in healthcare improves patient engagement.

Features Provided by Patient Portal

The patient portal offers flexibility and convenience to the patients by giving 24 hours access to their personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection. By entering secured credentials, patients can perform various functions, from making appointments and online payments to connecting with their doctors, all from their laptops or smartphones.

Patients can view their appointment history, medical reports, statements, and access medical history. Patient-provider communication is the most utilized feature of these portals. This feature gives patients more control over their healthcare activities and promotes better relationships.

Patient Portal Perks

Patient portal technology has grown over the years due to the effectiveness and features it gives to healthcare providers and patients. 56% of healthcare providers connect with their patients using patient portals.

The online patient portal has demonstrated results by enhancing medication adherence and patient-provider communication.

  • Minimize emergency department and in-person visits
  • Reduces errors in EMRs and cost of care
  • Improve patient care safety and prepare them for future care
  • Reduces the need for telephonic conversation and other administrative tasks
  • It helps to educate the patients
  • Solves patient’s doubts effectively
  • Minimizes the risk of miscommunication

Providers who establish a healthy relationship with their patients via the patient portal online can experience greater patient loyalty. Patient portals in healthcare enhance revenue cycle management by allowing patients to pay their dues online, resulting in faster payment. 

Ways to increase enrolment in patient portals

Provider endorsement and proper patient engagement using the online patient portal have been significant factors in patients’ decisions to continue or adopt portal functionality to sustain and achieve positive outcomes.

Healthcare providers should create engagement strategies to encourage portal usage. According to AAFP, healthcare practices should educate their office staff on how patient portals can enhance outcomes and expenses.

Healthcare providers should do the following to increase enrolment in patient portals:

  • Add information about the patient portal on your organization’s website.
  • Provide a registration link at the time of enrollment.
  • Mention the patient portal when patients call to schedule appointments.
  • Educate the patients on the use of portals and technology.
  • Consider mass enrolment for patients who are not active on the portal.

At AnodynePay, we provide a patient portal that uses automated workflow to send voice, text, and email, improving outcomes and enhancing patient engagement. We provide complete patient billing services to providers looking to improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

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