Enhance Patient Care Using Digital Patient Portals

July 11, 2022
Enhance Patient Care Using Digital Patient Portals

Experienced healthcare providers have invested significant resources in improving patient care. However, much of modern healthcare communication occurs digitally. Patients seek details regarding their health, appointments, and payment plan online. As such, healthcare providers must work to combine this information in one easy-to-access place. 

Patient portals can offer many features. Practices that use digital patient portals are making a foundational investment that reshapes communication. As such, learning what benefits a portal can provide is paramount. 

Here’s how patient portals enhance patient care.

Wide-Reaching Communication

Portals give patients information regarding care and finances. These critical details, regardless of country, time zone, or hour can easily be accessed using the internet. 

Many portals create mobile versions of their site. Others format the web pages to match seamlessly with handheld devices. This flexibility empowers consumers with portal access that fits in a pants pocket. 

Patient Burden Reduction

Studies suggest that patient portals directly lead to consumer healthcare benefits. While investigating the effects of the websites, researchers observed the following potential changes:

● Reduction of in-person visits

● Fewer provider/patient telephone conversations

● Less frequent emergency room trips

● Higher medication adherence

● Decreased medical errors

● Improved provider/patient communication

These factors directly assist with patient care. However, they also indirectly improve service by removing inefficiencies. Instead of handling phone conversations, staff can spend that effort helping in-office patients. 

Access to Health Records

The complicated nature of healthcare often makes keeping track of medical history difficult. As such, physicians frequently struggle with inconsistent patient self-care. Patient portals can reduce this issue.

Self-care may improve significantly by adopting patient portals. Many sites show consumers their health records, strengthening patients’ grasp of their conditions. Improving this knowledge leads to higher levels of patient engagement 

Patient Data

Patient data is a critical factor that dictates how modern practices operate. Collecting and presenting data from physical records is highly demanding. By contrast, many patient portals automatically store user data and synthesize it into easily digestible sheets. 

These sheets help practices determine which habits boost patient care and which need revision. Data that automatically updates make mapping an improvement plan far easier.  

How to Boost Patient Enrollment

Despite 90% of practices adopting portals, only 15% to 30% of patients use them. With the above-listed benefits, practices should strive to maximize digital enrollment. Here are a few options that bring patients to your site:

● Include physical fliers in the office that demonstrate how to access the portal.

● Stress how easy the site is to use for an average consumer. 

● Send emails that invite enrollment. 

● Highlight the benefits of having all your information combined in one place.

● Promote registration during initial scheduling. 

AnodynePay understands the features a top patient portal must offer. Our website provides practices with an integral consumer communication tool. Through this system, our clients have maximized patient relationships and care outcomes. Learn more about our portal by contacting a representative today. 

Key Takeaways

1. Portals allow consumers to access critical information wherever they are. 

2. Several time-consuming interactions decrease once patients can gain knowledge online. 

3. Accessible health records help keep consumers engaged and informed regarding self-care. 

4. Practices with patient data can more effectively map out improvement plans. 

5. Boost portal enrollment through consistent benefit reinforcement. 

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Enhance Patient Care Using Digital Patient Portals
Enhance Patient Care Using Digital Patient Portals

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