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December 22, 2023

How AnodynePay Increased Efficiency and Patient Collections by 75%


A significant challenge faced by our client was the accumulation of outstanding patient balances. These unpaid bills resulted from an outdated billing method of issuing paper statements and the inability to make digital payments, straining the practice's financial resources and ability to provide quality care.

  • Inefficiency & Increasing Costs of Paper Statements
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Lack of Automation
  • Reduced Cash Flow


With AnodynePay integration, practitioners can collect their revenue with timely reminders via Text and e-mails. The convenience of E-statements reduced their collection costs and increased their patient collection.

  • All users who had their long pending patient balance got reminders via Text & e-mail
  • The patient signed up with Anodyne and logged in to make payments

Practice collected 75% of their outstanding due within one month from when Anodyne was implemented in their business.

Client Testimonial

"Payments pending for a long time were made, and the overall collection had a spike after the text introducing AnodynePay as a patient payment platform."

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Download Case Study

Download Case Study

Please enter the details below to download the Case study