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December 1, 2023

A Leading Approach to Streamlined Payments with AnodynePay


With multiple locations and patients from all demographics, the Practice faced a communication and payment hitch due to a lack of technological resources and email addresses- a prerequisite for online payment options.

  • The Practice had many age-old patients who did not have an email address to receive patient statements.
  • The need for email addresses prevented the patients from making payments online via the patient portal login.  
  • The patients wanted to make payments without logging into AnodynePay as they needed email addresses.
  • Reduced efficiency and time-consuming process due to offline payments and paper statements.


The Practice overcame the challenge of payment hitch due to QuickPay links where all patients could make their payments without creating email addresses. The convenience of payments created by AnodynePay, with all-around accessibility of text reminders to patients, made the process beneficial for patients and the Practice.

  • Improved communication: Using Anodyne Text reminders significantly improved the communication gap and reduced the time involved by 95%. The text reminders sent had an immediate response within the next few hours / next day.
  • Increase in Patient Collection: Due to cleared payments with the immediate effect of QuickPay, Practice received all their pending payments with increased efficiency and collection of 75%-80%.

Client Testimonial

"Payments pending for a long time were made, and the overall collection had a spike after the text reminders with quick pay.”

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Download Case Study

Please enter the details below to download the Case study