Marketing Coordinator

May 9, 2024

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Job Title: Marketing Coordinator

Report To: CEO

Experience: 5+ years

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field is preferred.

Location: Dallas

Shift Time: Regular(8-5)

Mode: WFO

Terms-Fulltime/Part time/Contractual: Full-Time

Job Summary

The Marketing Coordinator will support the department’s marketing efforts and ensure they are implemented successfully and in a timely manner.

Key Responsibilities

  • Coordinate marketing efforts between team members, outside vendors, and management.
  • Plan meetings, events, conferences, and trade shows by identifying requirements, ordering marketing material, developing schedules and assignments, and coordinating mailing lists.
  • Maintain an inventory of sales support materials, ensuring they are current and accurate, and coordinate the creation of new materials when necessary.
  • Plan and manage meetings, events, trade fairs, conferences, etc, by identifying,  assembling, and presenting the company with the help of the sales team.
  • Proofreading and editing for various marketing sources to ensure consistency in branding.
  • Coordinate event or content email marketing and maintain database.
  • Track and report all marketing activities to the management.
  • Create proposals & contracts and upload them in HelloSign or   DocuSign for signature.
  • Handle all marketing activities as and when needed by the business.

Mandatory Skills

  • Previous experience as a marketing coordinator or in a similar position.
  • Understanding of digital marketing tools and research methods.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office, Google AdWords, and web analytics.
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