AnodynePay's Patient Balance Collections Feature Makes Billing Procedure Easier: Here is How!

March 30, 2022

Like any medical practice, your primary goal is to provide the best care for your patients. But you can only do that if you collect payments accurately and on time, so you can stay financially viable. Do you find this area to be challenging? Resolve the issue by using AnodynePay, a complete revenue solution with a ‘patient balance collections’ feature.

AnodynePay makes it easier to notify patients about any unpaid balances through their preferred communication channels, be it text, email, or phone. With the patient balance collections feature, you can:

  1. Import patient contact information and balance data from your EMR or practice management and billing software.
  2. Send automated and personalized requests to patients to sign-up or opt-in for an online e-statement.
  3. Send e-statements through automated emails and remind patients about balances via IVR-based automated calls or text messages.
  4. Enable quick payments without requiring patients to register. Or you can let your patients make an online portal account and pay you via credit card from their phone or computer.
  5. Speed up future payments by enabling user-friendly options in the patient payment portal, such as credit card on file (COF), recurring payments, and AutoPay.
  6. Send email-based receipts or payment confirmations automatically.
  7. Check patient 360 analytics for open rates, e-statement receipts, payment posting input files, and payments.

Communication channels

Patient balance collections are facilitated via e-statements, text, email, or IVR. You can customize the electronic patient statements yourself or choose from ready-made templates from AnodynePay’s library. Text reminders can be sent with a link that your patients can use to view their statements and pay. The IVR-based automated outbound call also has an option to pay by phone.

Benefits to your practice

Improving your patient balance collections system can boost your revenue and improve the overall quality of care you can provide. It also reduces the cost of collections because it simplifies the patient payment process while ensuring transparency.

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