5 Steps to Improve Patient Collections

February 28, 2022

The success of your practice’s revenue cycle management depends on several factors, including the effectiveness of your patient collections process. It’s critical to improve this process to keep up with medical payment trends and regulations.

Many patients are increasingly affected by expensive medical bills and increasing healthcare costs. Timely patient payment collection is challenging for healthcare providers. If you want to prevent issues with your cash flow, it’s time to adjust your collections process to reflect the current demands. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Implement a secure patient portal

Use a patient engagement software solution with a payment portal to help patients keep track of their bills and payments. Be sure the portal supports credit card payments and other secure payment methods online. It will encourage patients to pay their bills on time.

  1. Make sure patient insurance and contact information is accurate

Your front desk staff is responsible for collecting complete patient information, including the insurance and contact details. Rather than asking and recording patient information manually, you can give your patients the option to use an online form to provide their complete information. Patient engagement software with appointment scheduling and a patient portal can help you streamline it.

  1. Verify coverage before the appointment

Make it a point to verify coverage with payers and clarify the rules. That way, you can determine any changes that may have occurred in the patient collections. It will also allow you to identify patient responsibilities for payment and what portion of charges will be covered.

  1. Change your payment policy

Require patients to cover their copays when they check in. Make sure that your patients are aware of this requirement. You can also consider offering flexible payment plans.

  1. Get the right software solution

AnodynePay by Plutus Health is a comprehensive patient engagement software with all the tools you’ll need to improve your patient collections. It simplifies patient collections with automation, boosting your revenues and increasing patient satisfaction at the same time.

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Thomas John

Thomas John has 25+ years of experience in healthcare RCM and IT. He is the founder and CEO of Plutus Health Inc., one of the biggest healthcare RCM companies in the US. Thomas has comprehensive knowledge of AI-driven practice management and billing software. He believes in providing an end-to-end solution for revenue cycle and practice management.

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