5 Features Your Patient Engagement Software Needs

May 31, 2022
Top Five Features Your Patient Engagement Software Needs

Patient engagement software is the tool modern practices use to communicate and facilitate financial transactions. These systems instantly provide clinic facts, schedule availability, and invoice details. As such, online portals are the backbone of consumer service. 

Here are the top five features your patient engagement software needs.

Clear Portal Layout

The first page of your web portal must naturally guide a patient to the next step. 

Have separated tabs at the top of your page that take visitors to the invoice section, scheduling tab, representative chat, etc. Maximize your portal’s efficiency by learning why your patients primarily use the site. 

Some users access the internet mainly through their phones. To accommodate this demographic and integrate mobile viewing, site builders have two options. Responsive design shrinks a site's visual layout depending on the user’s screen resolution. Adaptive design involves building a separate site version for mobile devices.

Developers can output responsive designs quicker than the alternative. However, they’re typically more expensive since creators must build a dual mobile/desktop site. While adaptive design requires more development time, the mobile version is better optimized. 

Simple Billing Page

The financial page of your portal should streamline the invoice payment process. Clearly outline what the patient owes and when the charges are due. Automatically ask patients' permission to send them invoice notifications.

Allow patients to set up their accounts to pay a bill with a single click. This feature requires your system to store financial information and quickly access it. Accept as many credit cards, debit cards, and internet banks as possible. The increasingly varied ways consumers reimburse services make payment diversification integral to success. 

For repeat customers, ensure that it is easy to schedule automatic, recurring payments. Many people struggle to pay their medical bills at the time of service. So, the financial page must have a visible payment plan option. 

EHR Integration

Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration is crucial for medical software. EHRs are online programs that store and transfer patient information. Having this data on hand speeds up patient scheduling and invoicing. 

Often, multiple practices have verified this information before reaching you. So, the chances of documenting incorrect patient data drop significantly. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Your platform must be able to connect with other software. For invoicing, ensure that your portal hooks up to your billing software to seamlessly transfer patient information from one source to the other. 

Flexible Website Chatbot

If your site provides a chatbot to answer questions, invest in a flexible automated system. Visitors to your site will expect the predictive capabilities top internet search tools offer. 

Well-designed programs allow users to type vaguely related phrases and still find relevant answers. Ensure that you’ve programmed your chatbot to understand questions regarding location, services, and reviews. 

Building a patient portal from scratch is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. AnodynePay offers patient software that improves engagement and ease of communication. Our portals are tailor-made to help a diverse range of visitors and needs. Contact a representative today to learn how our software will benefit you. 

Key Takeaways

1. Layout your portal clearly to guide visitors to relevant pages. 

2. Set up your financial system so people can easily pay bills. 

3. Integrate EHRs, so staff need fewer steps to verify patient information. 

4. Maintain cross-platform compatibility with pay software. 

5. Invest in a flexible chatbot. 

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